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Referencing - Law (AGLC4)

At The University of Adelaide, the Adelaide Law School uses a legal referencing style called the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC) (4th edition) developed by the Melbourne University Law Review.

Key points:

  • Legal material must be cited/referenced using the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC)
  • use AGLC4 1.1.6 for pinpoint references. A 'pinpoint reference' is a reference to a specific page, paragraph, footnote or other section of a source. 
  • support is available for using AGLC in EndNote
  • citations included abbreviated names of courts, law reports, journals, etc. 
  • For bibliographies, you will need to invert the first author's name (surname, first name) and remove the final full stop. Refer to the AGLC 1.13 for more details and guidance on the range of resource types

Abbreviations are used regularly in law, for the names of law reports, journals and treatises.

You've probably heard many of them:
South Australian State Reports = SASR
​Commonwealth Law Reports = CLR
Australian Law Journal = ALJ

There are several sources that will help you find what abbreviations stand for: