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Overview of Mendeley, a free online referencing system

Mendeley is a free online referencing system that you can use on the web and on your desktop. You can create your own fully-searchable reference library, cite as you write and read and annotate your PDFs. It also functions as an academic social network; you can create your own researcher profile.

Unlike EndNote, Mendeley is not supported by the university. This guide will give you some initial help, and refer you to Mendeley help resources online.

University of Adelaide staff and students now have access to the Mendeley Institutional Edition.


  • 100 GB personal storage instead of 2 GB with the 'free account'.
  • 100 GB shared storage instead of 100 MB with the 'free account'.
  • Unlimited private groups of up to 100 collaborators instead of 5 private groups of up to 25 collaborators

How to access the Mendeley Institutional Edition

If you already have a Mendeley account, you will automatically be upgraded to the Institutional Edition.

If you don't have a Mendeley account:

  1. Create a Mendeley account using your University of Adelaide email address
  2. Upgrade to the Institutional Edition by visiting the University of Adelaide Mendeley Group page.  You should then receive an email which confirms your account has been upgraded.


  • To maintain access to the Institutional Edition you will need to re-verify your account via the University of Adelaide Mendeley Group page at least once every 12 months.
  • If you have an existing Mendeley account using a personal email address and wish to join the University of Adelaide Institutional Edition:
    login to your account, go to settings, change your email address to your address. 

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