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Logging into online resources: Open Athens

Logging in with OpenAthens

In 2022 the University Library's login system changed from EZproxy to Open Athens. OpenAthens offers a more secure and flexible way to access our subscription services on and off campus. 

Resources from Library Search

Online resources accessed from Library Search will automatically login to OpenAthens. 

Outside of the Library

You can access our online resources directly by signing in via OpenAthens on the homepage of the resource. Use the following steps to sign in, noting that this process will look slightly different on various platforms.

This method will only work via providers the University has a subscription with. To check our subscriptions, consult the Library's databases page. 


1. On the home page of the resource, locate the Login or Sign-In options. 

2. Select OpenAthens as your sign in choice. This option may also be filed under Institutional Login or Seamless Access. If none of these options are present, OpenAthens is not yet available for the resource and you will need to access it via Library Search.

Note: Do not sign in using your personal account.

3. Enter the "University of Adelaide" or "Adelaide" to find your institution. Select the option with 'Open Athens' in the title.

4. This will then connect to the University of Adelaide’s Single-Sign-on service, Okta. Once you have logged in during your session you will not be asked to login again.