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Case law

Finding Australian and foreign case law

Foreign case law


The Law Reports, published by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting (ICLR), are the authorised reports for the UK.

Admiralty & Ecclesiatical Cases (1865-75) A. & E.
Appeal Cases A.C.
Appeal Cases (1875-90) App. Cas.
Chancery Appeals (1865-75) Ch. App.
Chancery Division Ch.
Chancery Division (1875-90) Ch. D.
Common Pleas (1865-75) C.P.
Common Please Division (1865-80) C.P.D.
Crown Cases Reserved (1865-75) C.C.R.
English and Irish Appeals (1865-75) H.L.
Equity Cases (1865-75) Eq.
Exchequer (1865-75) Ex.
Exchequer Division (1875-80) Ex. D.
Family Division Fam.
Kings Bench K.B.
Privy Council (1865-75) P.C.
Probate P.
Probate and Divorce (1865-75) P. & D.
Probate Division (1875-90) P.D.
Queens Bench (1875-75 & 1891 onwards) Q.B.
Queens Bench Division (1875-90) Q.B.D.

US Jurisdictions

European Union


Pacific Islands