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Systematic reviews

Overview of systematic review steps and resources to assist researchers conducting reviews.

JBI SUMARI supports the entire review process, from drafting your protocol, study selection, critical appraisal, data extraction and synthesis. It also allows you to manage review teams and contributors to your review. Click the link below and follow the instructions to gain access.

1. Login to an Ovid session via your Institution/library. You will be prompted to login with your Staff/Student credentials.

2. Click the My Account link, then login with your Ovid Personal Account details. If you do not have an existing Ovid Personal Account you will need to create one now.

3. Click EBP Tools from the blue navigation bar

Screenshot of how to access SUMARI through Ovid database interface.

4. From the list of tools Select SUMARI

5. The JBI SUMARI tool will open in a new tab. your Ovid session will remain open in the original tab. 

Note: If you do not now see the JBI SUMARI tool Projects, continue to step 6.

6. When you see the JBI SUMARI log In screen click the light blue “Login via OVID” button at the bottom of the page

Screenshot of directions to login to SUMARI via Ovid.
Unauthorized Access Error after step 5:

Screenshot of Unauthorised Access Error message.

7. If you receive an error message after clicking on the Login via Ovid button at step 5 above please close the JBI SUMARI tab and go back to the Ovid tab.  Repeat steps 3 to 5 and your SUMARI session will open properly the second time around.

This is a known error and has been reported to JBI for investigation.

8. Now you will be logged into JBI SUMARI tool.  (if error see above)
*All future access to SUMARI MUST follow all above steps via the library URL every time.

Note: If you continue to have access problems after following the above instructions please contact with your Ovid personal account name created in step 2.