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Psychiatry: A Biography of Psychiatry

A Biography of Psychiatry

A Biography of Psychiatry

The story of events and the people involved in the development of services for the psychiatrically ill in South Australia 1939 - 1989

W. A. Dibden
1914 - 1993

Dedicated to all those people, named and unnamed,
who made the telling of this story possible.

The family of the late Dr Dibden have generously given permission for this document to be made available on the University of Adelaide Library website.

The main text is searchable - just use the binocular icon which appears in the toolbar at the top of the Adobe screen to search for words or phrases in the text.

To assist you in navigating this document the contents are listed below, and the supporting documents are included as separate files.




Parkside Mental Hospital - page 1

CHAPTER 1 An Introduction to Psychiatry - 1939 - 1956

(i) A psychiatrist by accident - page 2

(ii) Charlie Winter - page 9

(iii) Parkside, Enfield and "the Repat" - page10

CHAPTER 2 BC - "Before Cramond"

(i) Hugh McIntyre Birch - page 16

(ii) Harry Kay - page 23

(iii) Barbara Franck (now Auld) - page 25

(iv) Harry Southwood - page 39

(v) Bill Salter - page 46

(vi) John Cawte - page 61

(vii) Private psychiatric practice - page 69

(viii) The Maudsley Hospital - page 73

(ix) Adelaide Children's Hospital - page 76

(x) Ray Binns - page 76

(xi) Child psychiatry - page 78

(xii) Associations for Mental Health - page 81

(xiii) Enter Bill Cramond - page 84

CHAPTER 3 In pursuit of prevention

(i) The S. A. Association for Mental Health - page 86

(ii) Sir Barton Pope - page 90

(iii) Psychodrama: the Chair of Mental Health - page 91

(iv) Activities of the Mental Health Association - page 99


Cramond - page 108


The Cramond Report - page 114


Implementing the Cramond Report - page 124



Strathmont - Joe Craig - page 138

CHAPTER 8 Director of Mental Health Services

(i) The new appointment - page 151

(ii) Brian Shea - page 153

(iii) The training of psychiatrists - page 159

(iv) Lothar Hoff - page 162

(v) John Clayer - page 167

(vi) Criminal Mental Defectives - page 171

CHAPTER 9 The Security Hospital, Northfield

(i) Preliminary considerations - page 172

(ii) Z Ward, Glenside Hospital - page 176

(iii) Design and construct - page 178

CHAPTER 10 The Origins of the new Mental Health Act

(i) Prevention and civil liberties - page 185

(ii) Civil rights of the mentally ill - page 189

(iii) Uniform mental health legislation - page 196

(iv) Timothy George - page 199

CHAPTER 11 The Evolution of the new Mental Health Act

(i) Review of the Mental Health Act 1935-1969 - page 205

(ii) Reports of the Committee of Review - page 212

(iii) The Seminar - page 219


The Bill - page 225


The Act - page 234


The Mental Health Services 1979-1989 - page 237

NOTES - page 245

List of Appendices, and Accompanying Files

Letters, Programme, Committee of SponsorsPlans

Appendix I
Reports on visits to mental hospitals
South Australian Association for Mental Health. Memoranda on South Australia's mental health services
I.1 Memoranda 1-2
I.2 Memoranda 3-4

Appendix II
II.1 Uniform principles involved in mental health legislation
II.2 Position statement on the civil rights of psychiatric patients

Appendix III
First report of the Committee to Review and Make Recommendations in Regard to the Mental Health Act 1935-69

Appendix IV
Second report of the Committee to Review and Make Recommendations in Regard to the Mental Health Act 1935-69

Appendix V
Seminar on proposed new Mental Health Act - opening remarks

Appendix VI
Final report of the Committee Appointed to Review and Make Recommendations in Regard to the Mental Health Act
VI.1 Preamble and Treatment and protection of the mentally ill
VI.2 Care and protection of the mentally handicapped

Appendix VII
A bill for an Act...First draft [Prepared by the Parliamentary Counsel] 2/7/76

Appendix VIII
A bill for an Act...Second draft...contents [Prepared by the Parliamentary Counsel] 15/7/76
A bill for an Act...Third draft...contents [Prepared by the Parliamentary Counsel] 4/8/76
A bill for an Act...Final draft...contents [Prepared by the Parliamentary Counsel] 9/9/76

Appendix IX
Mental Health Bill [Second reading speech, House of Assembly, October 14, 1976]

Appendix X
Mental Health Bill [As laid on the table and read a first time, 14th October, 1976]

Appendix XI
Report of the Select Committee on the Mental Health Bill, 1976

Appendix XII
The Mental Health Act, 1976-77