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Everything you need to know about finding and using e-Books in our Library.

What is an eBook?

An eBook is the digital version of a print book, or an electronic book. The format of eBooks can vary, but will usually be available as a .pdf or .ePub file to allow easy access on computers and devices. While a .pdf is readable on computers and devices, ePub files offer a better reading experience as they are adaptable to the device on which you are reading. Having an electronic version of the book allows for more access and readability, anywhere at any time.

eTextbooks in their most basic form are electronic copies of print textbooks, but there are many different models of e-Textbooks. The simplest example of an eTextbook is a PDF version. This format delivers static text, with no interactive learning, but will still include images and searchable text.  More complex examples of eTextbooks include links to further reading, interactive learning activities and online assessment such as quizzes.

The University Library provides access to thousands of eBooks in a variety of subject areas through Library Search.

eBook Policy

The University Library purchases electronic formats of books and materials in place of print. This supports the principle that electronic formats enhance access to the collection independent of time and location. Exceptions are available and the overview of the preferred policy can be found on our website.

There are many benefits of electronic formats:

  • More simultaneous access
  • Allows for smaller, portable reading options
  • Can allow greater accessibility with font changes
  • Searchable text with highlight options
  • Citations can be exported easily