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Everything you need to know about finding and using e-Books in our Library.

Downloading eBooks

You can download eBooks from the Library in two different ways:

  1. directly through a publisher's website, where the Library has subscribed to the content
  2. from a third party hosted website, such as ProQuest or EBSCOhost.

1. Publisher access

You will find that most content provided directly by the publisher allows faster access, and has no DRM (digital rights management) attached. Content is usually provided in PDF format and can be downloaded chapter by chapter or as a full book directly to your computer or device.

2. Third party eBooks

Third party eBooks are different from publisher hosted eBooks because access can be limited and they are usually not DRM-Free. They are individual titles for which the Library has purchased access through another provider. These differ from Publisher eBooks because they usually require a separate Adobe Digital Editions account to manage the digital rights and allow the eBook to be downloaded to a device or computer.

Why aren't all eBooks the same?

The Library will purchase eBooks from a number of different publishers and vendors, and often they have different policies on how we can offer access to eBooks.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) control how digital content is used. It is set by each vendor or publisher and controls:

  • how many people can view an eBook at the same time
  • if an eBook can be downloaded
  • how much can be downloaded or printed from an eBook
  • if there is a time limit for viewing an eBook
  • what device or programs support the eBook format or file type
  • if you need an additional sign-in account (separate from your University login) to access features within the eBook.