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Everything you need to know about finding and using e-Books in our Library.

An e-Book is a book in digital format. Throughout history, books have been hand scribed texts, mass-printed with movable type, read aloud as audio books, photocopied, purchased, borrowed, annotated and indexed. And now books can be read online on a wide variety of devices anywhere, anytime!

e-Textbooks in their most basic form are screen-rendered copies of print textbooks, but there are many different models of e-Textbooks.  The simplest example of an e-Text is a PDF version of a print text, delivering static text and no interactive learning.  More complex examples of e-Texts include online text enhanced by interactive learning activities and online assessment such as quizzes.

As well as print books, the University Library provides access to thousands of e-Books in a variety of subject areas. You can access e-Books and e-Textbooks wherever and whenever you need them.