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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Resources

This LibGuide provides a starting point for finding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander library materials, resources and subject guides

Search Tips

Tips for finding resources for Indigenous Languages in Library Search

To search for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander languages, use variations of search terms to broaden or narrow your search. eg. "Indigenous Australian Languages" or "Aboriginal AND Indigenous Australian Languages"

Screenshot of Library Search box, searching for terms Indigenous Australian Languages.


Screenshot of Library Search results, with extra words added to the search to expand the results.


Screenshot of Library Search resluts, with AND (in capital letters) inserted between keywords to reduce the number of results.


Searching for a specific language or information about a language group can be tricky. Old records may have used different spelling rather than the more widely accepted modern spelling. The Trove link below provides search tips and examples of how to access and enhance your searching for language material in collections.