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Field Lists

Complete List of PsycINFO Fields on Ovid

I've highlighted the ones that are most commonly used. Full descriptions of the database fields and how they work are avaiable from the Ovid site

A list of limits is also available.


Abstract (AB)

Grant / Sponsorship (GS)

Publication Month/Season (MO)

Accession Number (AN)

Heading Word (HW)

Publication Type (PT)

Age Group (AG)

Institution (IN)

Publisher Information (PU)

Author (AU)

Intended Audience (IA)

Publisher Location (PL)

Auxiliary Material (SV)


Reprint Year (RY)

Book Series Title (ST)

ISSN Electronic (IT)

Reviewed Item (RV)

Cited References (RF)

ISSN Print (IS)

Reviewed Item Author (RU)

Cited Reference Author (CU)

Issue/Part (IP)

Reviewed Item ISBN (RI)

Cited Reference Author Word (CT)

Journal Name (JN)

Reviewed Item Other Info (RO)

Cited Reference Date (CB)

Journal Word (JW)

Reviewed Item Title (RT)

Cited Reference DOI (CD)

Key Concepts (ID)

Reviewed Item Translated Title (RL)

Cited Reference Publisher (CE)

Language (LG)

Reviewed Item Year (RR)

Cited Reference Source (CS)

Local Messages (LM)

Special Issue Title (SI)

Cited Reference Title (CV)

Locally Held (LH)

Source (SO)

Classification Code Word (CW)

Location (LO)

Subject Headings (SH)

Classification Code (CC)

Methodology (MD)

Table of Contents (TC)

Conference Information (CF)

Notes (NT)

Test & Measures (TM)

Correction Date (CH)

Number of Cited References (NR)

Textword (TW)

Corporate/Institutional Author (CA)

Original Title (OT)

Title (TI)

Conference Note (CN)

Other Publisher (OC)

Translated Book Series Title (OS)

Correspondence Address (CQ)

Other Serial Titles (OL)

Translated Parent Book Title (OP)

Digital Object Identifier (DO)

Pagination (PG)

Type of Book (BY)

Document Type (DT)

Parent Book Author (PA)

Update Code (UP)

E-mail Address (MA)

Parent Book Institutional Author (PI)

UMI Dissertation Order Number (ON)

Format Availability (MT)

Parent Book Title (BT)

Volume (VO)

Format Covered (FO)

Population Group (PO)

Year of Publication (YR)