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Guidance on using EndNote software at the University of Adelaide

Can I keep using EndNote after I leave the University of Adelaide?

If you leave the University your access to EndNote desktop will cease.
However, you will still be able to use EndNote Online.

There are two versions of EndNote Online: a 'premium' version, and a 'basic' version. See the comparison chart below for details.

You can retain 'premium' level access for up to one year after graduating. When this expires, your EndNote Online account will revert to an EndNote Basic account (the 'basic' version). This means you will have reduced storage capacity and limited access to styles (see comparison chart linked above for this and other differences).

To ensure you have 'premium' access for 1 year after graduating, you should either:

  • Create an EndNote Online account through EndNote desktop
  • Authenticate your EndNote online account just before you leave.

To create an EndNote Online account for the first time:

  • Open your EndNote library.
  • Select Library > Sync from the main menu.
  • At the prompt, register for an account.

To authenticate your EndNote Online account:

  • Connect to EndNote online from an authenticated IP address just before you leave the University.

Useful information:

  •  All University of Adelaide students and staff members have access to a 'premium' level EndNote online account for 2 years from the date of creating their account through EndNote desktop.
  • If the University upgrades its version of EndNote, then EndNote online accounts are reactivated at the next sync (giving you 'premium' level access for 2 years from the upgrade date).
  • Once logged in to EndNote Online you can check the status of your account through Options > Subscription. You will see two expiration dates, one from the date you created your account and one from the last time you logged in from an authenticated IP address. The latter of the two applies.

Please note: If you sign up to EndNote online using your University email address ( you will need to change this as this address becomes invalid after graduation. Change the email address you use to login to EndNote Online through Options > Email Address.