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Guidance on using EndNote software at the University of Adelaide

A common problem that can occur while using CWYW is that other referencing software plug-ins may have been installed.
If you receive the message "Cannot Edit Range" when attempting to use the EndNote CWYW tools, it is most likely due to the installation of the Mendeley or Zotero plug-in in Word.  You should be able to see this in the Word toolbar menu:

Screenshot - Word toolbar menu with Zoetro plug-in added

To disable the plug-in, select File from the Word document toolbar menu and click on Options.  From the Word Options menu, select Add-ins
Click on the drop-down list next to Manage  and select Word Add-ins, then click Go.

Screenshot: managing Word Add-ins

De-select the add-in you want to disable, in the example below Zotero, and then click OK.

Screenshot: disabling add-ins in Word

The unwanted plug-in should disappear from the Word toolbar menu.

If problems using the EndNote CWYW function persist it may be necessary to uninstall other referencing software plug-ins to see if that resolves the issue.