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Open Educational Resources

Open educational resources are course materials that anyone can freely retain, revise, remix, reuse and redistribute.

Evaluating OERs

There are a large number of high quality OERs available but like everything you'll need to make sure they are appropriate for your teaching needs.

You can use the following checklist to help you decide if an OER is suitable. 



Licensed for use
Can it be used for educational use (e.g. Creative Commons, public domain)?  
Can it be adapted and remixed?  
Does it help you meet a learning objective?  
Is the content up-to-date?  
Is it suitable for your students' level?  
Is it culturally relevant and sensitive?   
Is the creator identified and reputable?  
Has it been peer-reviewed?  
Is the content accurate, error-free and unbiased?  
Ease of use
Is it clear and easy to understand?  
Is the interface easy to navigate?  
Are alternative versions available if required (e.g. .doc)?  
Do audio and video resources have transcripts/subtitles?