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Open Educational Resources

Open educational resources are course materials that anyone can freely retain, revise, remix, reuse and redistribute.

Finding OERs

You can find OERs in a lot of places, ranging from dedicated OER repositories to popular platforms such as YouTube and Flickr. 

We've compiled some lists where you can find OER:

Book iconBooks

Article iconArticles

Image iconImages

Music iconMusic

Video iconVideos 

We've also gathered subject specific examples of OERs for you to explore:

Writing iconArts

Calaculation iconEngineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences

Bandage iconHealth & Medical Sciences

Graph iconProfessions

Beaker iconSciences

Or you can start by searching these OER platforms:

Image credits: All icons from the Noun Project under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 US license. Book by pejyt, Article by ghufronagustian, Image by agus raharjo, Music by libertetstudio, Video by Icon Solid, Writing and Mathematical Tools by Vectors Point, Bandage by Lee Mette, Graph by gayatri, Science by Eucalyp.