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Guidance on using EndNote software at the University of Adelaide

When using Cite While You Write in Word a Bibliography or Reference List is produced from the in-text citations you have inserted into your document from the EndNote library.

You may want to produce an independent or separate bibliography, independent of any in-text citations.
You can do this in two ways:

Export as a separate file - In your EndNote library select the references you want to include.  Select the referencing style - Tools > Output Styles - then select Export from the File menu, or click on the arrow icon above the EndNote reference library. You can now save this as a separate file - choose to save this as a Word, Text, HTML or XML file. 

Screenshot of the EndNote Export icon.

Copy formatted - In your EndNote library select all the references or select required references from which you want to generate a bibliography. Select the referencing style - Tools > Output Styles - then select Copy Formatted Reference from the References menu.  You can now paste these copied references into a Word document, in the place you want this list to appear.  Note that this list has no field codes and can be edited as a normal Word document.

Video: EndNote 20 Copy Formatted Reference (1:02)