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Guidance on using EndNote software at the University of Adelaide

Installing EndNote on a University computer

All University desktop computers should already have EndNote installed. However, if yours does not, or if you want to upgrade to the latest version:
Windows - it can be accessed and installed from the Software Centre.

Accessing the Software Cemnter from the Windows menu.

Mac - it can be accessed and installed from the university's Mac Self Service (MSS).

Installing EndNote on a personal computer

The University of Adelaide has a site licence so the EndNote software is available to staff and students on a work and home computer/laptop. There are versions for a Mac or PC.

You can get the software from the University's Information Technology and Digital Services (ITDS).

  • Login and follow the instructions for downloading to a University or personal computer.
  • If you are unable to login, contact the ITDS Help desk - Ph 8313 3000 
  • N.B. Please read the instructions - if you are asked for a licence code during installation - you have not done it correctly.

Which version of EndNote should I use?

Compatibility and system requirements for using EndNote desktop with Mac or PC.

EndNote Online is a version of EndNote in which references are stored on the EndNote website not on your own computer.  It can be used for sharing references with colleagues or for when you are away from your desktop. EndNote X7 (and onward) desktop will sync with your EndNote Online library.

EndNote Basic is a limited version of EndNote Online that does not require the user to be a UofA member or to have access to the desktop version of EndNote.

EndNote for iPad is available as an app.

Upgrading to a new version of EndNote

Work computer: simply install the new version of EndNote from the Software Centre (Windows) or Mac Self Service.

Home computer/laptop: You will need to save your library and save any customised files, e.g. output styles.. Then uninstall the previous version of EN and install the new version. Your library will be opened with the new version of EndNote. You can now add the customised styles into your EN program. Alternately you can save your customised files into My Documents - EndNote - Styles/Filters/Connection Files (individual folders). Either way you will be able to use these files from within EN.