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Guidance on using EndNote software at the University of Adelaide

Term lists are like authority files - by default term lists for Authors, Journals, and Keywords are already set up when you create a new library. You can access the term lists from Library > Open Term Lists in the top menu.

As you enter new references into your library - EndNote automatically updates the term lists so that the Authors, Journals, and Keywords lists include all the author names, journal names and keywords entered into your references. When you enter a new term into any of these 3 fields - EndNote attempts to autocomplete it for you. New terms appear in red text in your references and will be added to the term lists when you close or save the reference.

Screenshot displaying EndNote term lists dialogue box.

Hints and tips:

  • Term lists are stored with the library and therefore are specific to each library.
  • A library must be open before you can edit its term lists.
  • Terms can be copied from one list and pasted into another.
  • New terms to be added to your term lists will appear in red text.
  • Term lists can be set up for other fields in your EndNote library.


Some referencing styles require you to use the journal's full name, others require a standardised abbreviation. EndNote can substitute one version of a journal's name for another in the bibliography depending on the style you are using.

There are 2 steps to this process.

  1. When a journal name is entered into the journal name field - it is saved into the journals term list - From the top menu select Library > Open Term Lists > Journals Term List. Select all of the journal names in this list (Ctrl + A) and click Delete Term. Next click on the Lists tab and click Import List to import the required list from the selection which appears at the next screen.

    Once your list of journal names has been imported you can update this list to add any journal names in your library that are not in this list - these will need to be manually edited to add the full names or the  abbreviations - see the Term Lists tab on this page for instructions.
  2. Customise your style (if necessary) to make sure that the style template for journal names is set to the correct journal name format - full journal name or one of the Abbreviations - this has already been set up for styles such as Harvard UofA, Vancouver, APA, and many others.

N.B. PubMed sends abbreviated journal titles to EndNote. While this is useful for some citation styles, for other styles such as Harvard or APA  it doesn't allow the full titles of journals to be displayed in bibliographies. Here is a short video on how to ensure that you can have either full journal titles or abbreviated journal titles in your bibliographies.

Video: EndNote 20 term lists (1:26)

Any term in a term list can be modified or deleted without affecting any of the references in the EndNote library.

Use Edit Term or Delete Term when you have multiple variations of the same author's name.  You will then need to locate and change the author's name in the references - use the Find and Replace command from the Library menu.

Journal names can be individually edited in the Term Lists > Journals Term List OR you can import lists of journals from different disciplines with their abbreviations - see the Journal names & term lists tab on this page.

  • From Library menu, select Open Term Lists and select the list that needs to be modified;
  • Select a term in the list and click Edit Term;
  • Change the term as needed and click OK - this replaces/modifies the original term in the term list.

N.B. Editing a term in a term list does not change all occurrences of that term in your library. Use the Find and Replace command from the Library menu to find the old term in your references and replace it with the new one.

Screenshot demonstrating how to edit items in term lists in EndNote

The standard terms lists for EndNote come from the following resources.

  • Anthropology is from Anthropological Index online
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics is from NASA and SIMBAD databases
  • BioScience is from Biological Abstracts (TR)
  • Chemical is from CAS
  • Economics is from the Journal of Economic Literature
  • Humanities is from MLA
  • Korean Medical is from the Korean PubMed
  • Law is from Bluebook
  • Medical is from Pubmed (Index Medicus)
  • Philosophy is from the Philosophers Index
  • Religion is from the Religion Index One: American Theological Library Association
  • Zoological Records is from Zoological Records (TR)