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Guidance on using EndNote software at the University of Adelaide

Usings tags (new to EndNote 21)

Tags are a new feature in EndNote 21 and provide an extra option for organising and classifying your references. Coloured tags can be added to references as a visual label to quickly and intuitively identify references in your library under a collective heading. You can attach multiple tags to references, customise the colour and name of the tags, and add and remove tags as you require.

To create a tag, click on the + sign next to My Tags in the left hand menu.

Screenshot of EndNote 21, My Tags option

Select a colour and name your tag.

Screenshot of EndNote creating new tag

To add tags to your references, when you select an individual reference you will see a Manage tags button in the Summary pane on the right.

Screenshot of EndNote summary pane with manage tags button

Click on the Manage tags button to add tags you have created to the reference.

Screenshot of EndNote adding tags

You can view tagged items together (like Groups) under My Tags in the menu on the right.

Screenshot of EndNote My Tags in menu

Tags will also appear alongside the titles in your list of references.

Screenshot of EndNote reference list with tagged items