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Guidance on using EndNote software at the University of Adelaide

Recover and restore EndNote libraries and data

Recover a lost or damaged library

When disaster strikes and you are unable to open your EndNote library, EndNote 21 has a new data restoration function to recover a corrupted library from the cloud. If you have enabled your EndNote 21 sync account (see the Library syncing tab above), you will receive a prompt when you attempt to open a damaged or lost library:

Screenshot of EndNote error, libary could not be opened

When you click on the Sync button, EndNote automatically refreshes the library using EndNote Web, restoring the library to the last synced version.

Single reference restoration

If you accidentally alter data in a citation, the single reference restoration feature allows you to compare and restore previous versions of individual references to correct the error.

Click on the reference and open the Edit pane on the right.

Screenshot of EndNote reference edit pane

Click on the Compare versions button to view previous instances of this entry. You can see earlier versions on the right - click on the Use this version button to update the entry using the earlier data.

Screenshot of EndNote restore previous version window